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Transforming Through Life's Transitions

Embracing your full potential isn't just about making minor adjustments; it is about experiencing a complete metamorphosis in your mindset, actions and achievements, leading to a deeply enriching life.
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Are you in a new life stage, transforming, and needing to find your meaning and purpose again?​

We all experience periods of transition throughout our lives - big and small, planned and unplanned. Transition can evolve from something exciting - like starting a new job, committing to a relationship, or becoming a parent. It can also be the consequence of distressing situations, such as losing a loved one, going through a painful divorce,  illness, or loss of independence.


Sometimes, transition marks milestones in our lives, like becoming a parent, turning 40, 50, 60, empty nesting, retirement, and downsizing. No matter what triggers the period between what we knew was in our lives and what is now no more and the unknown we are entering, this time in our lives often means inner struggles and challenges.  


Know that you are not alone if you find transitions difficult, and that there are simple but powerful strategies that can help".


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Martine N. Sydney

Isabelle is an exceptionally talented wellness practitioner who embodies the rare combination of decades of professional training blended with successfully moving through her own extreme challenges, in every context of her life Her unique ability guides you to redefine your own life and a realignment to who you truly are, a paradigm shift in both health and business alike. She combines multiple skills, linking quantum physics with old wisdom with integrity, passion and determination to help you achieve your best outcome.

Bernadette B. Cairns

"Isabelle has helped me synthesise complex situations in both life and career dilemmas. The coaching sessions we have regularly have helped me take my business to the next level, and the variety of tools that make each session unique and powerful. Each month, I find myself looking forward to our next connection. Very uplifting also, particularly helpful in today's environment"

Chris W. Sydney

"Isabelle has an extraordinary capacity tuning into the core essence of the challenges we meet as we traverse through our lives. This is not because of learning acquired through textbooks but insights gleaned over decades of masterfully overcoming her own challenges"
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